UK will launch inhaled vaccine ?


They say that delivering the vaccine directly to the lungs can lead to a better immune response than conventional injection vaccines.

To this end, a research team from Imperial College London is using two of the foremost vaccines already being developed.

One of them is the Oxford vaccine, which recently stopped testing on humans. The second is a vaccine made by Imperial College. It was also first tested on humans in June.

About 180 vaccines are in the launch phase worldwide. None of them have reached the final goal yet.

As part of the Inhaled Vaccine Experimental Tests, about 30 healthy volunteers are given these vaccines – asthma medications in the same way as with a nebulizer machine. A mask or mouthpiece is used for this.


The seasonal flu vaccine can also be given in the form of a nasal spray rather than an injection.

The current pandemic is caused by a virus that infects cells in the walls of the nose, throat and lungs, said Dr. Chris Chiu, who is leading the research.

“These surfaces are unique. The rest of the body produces a different immune response. So it is important to look at whether there is an effective response to targeting these airways directly, rather than a vaccine that is injected into a muscle, he explained.


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