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English to telugu translator

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Eng to telugu its necessary to telugu students and its very helpful to students. Nowadays the Telugu people some students searching about english to telugu translator.

India country has more languages. The English is the world wide language. The eng to telugu translator its very helpful for telugu medium students. The translator very helpful for people in India. so many apps and websites computing languages.

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How to translate English to Telugu ?

You directly search in google translate. Now you can select detect language first as english. Then you select translate language as telugu. 

English words enter in first tab, then  click on translate , the entered words converts in telugu.

Then you can copy the data or use any where where you want.

english to telugu translator

how can help translating languages ?

The translating of languages its very helpful to who are learning English language. If you don’t know some English meanings . easily you can enter the word in translator tab. The translator will show exact meaning of the word entered by you.


How many words can I translate at a time ?

maximum limit of translator is 5000 words. You can copy and paste the words. If you have any pdf.,doc,ppt etc.. can be translaed.

which is the best english to telugu converter

The google is the best translator in the world. So many websites are providing language translate options, but google translate is the best of all websites.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Which is the best translator for eng to telugu?

Ans. google translator is the best.

Q2: Can I translate tel to eng also?

Ans. Yes . You can click on switch button. It will translate your telugu words as english.

Q3: How can I translate pdf documents?

Ans. You can select document option instead of text. Then upload your document and click on translate button. The whole document was converted to english to as telugu.

Q4: Can I use this translator as dictionary?

Ans. Yes.

If you have any other questions. Please comment your questions, we will answer you.



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