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How to get black hair instead of white / gray hair | tips for rid of white hair


Hello everyone ! Namaste

How are you guys so today’s post is kind of different and something which was so requested if you don’t know already by now you know that I have premature gray/white hair. I had this in standard sixth and I saw my first gray hair. I warned that you know my life won’t be that easy by the time I reached and I had a lot of gray hair like it was 20 to 30 strands of gray hair.

It was right on the top so it was very much visible to other people and I used to be so and secured about that I used to always worry about people making fun of me because of that used to just make me so nervous. After I was done with my SCC 10th I started applying henna on my hair.

I used to apply it every two months till I was in the 12th grade that’s  HSC I already have dry hair and henna used to make my hair even more dry and at that time I also have started a lot of home remedies. Everything I even took Ayurvedic medicines and even that didn’t work for me once. When  I entered my degree College State one friend of mine told me to visit Richfield and a lot of other relatives and everyone started telling me visit Richfield they are only good at what they do and all so.

I decided to visit Richfield this is no way sponsored and they actually helped me overcome my premature gray hair. I took the treatment from Richfield for three years the first three months I didn’t notice any change but I had stopped completely applying henna , then within six months my white hair started to turn brownish.  So I was confused of it was because of henna because I had completely stopped applying henna but it wasn’t because of henna it was actually reversing the whole process so my white has started to turn black. So it turns into brown , then black also the new hair that was coming out were black in color so that is how I knew that treatment is actually working within a year.  I was so sure about it and I still continue the treatment for two more years and I just thought it will be long-lasting a fire. You know do the treatment for a longer period of time but since past.

I can see the gray hair coming back so that’s why I am back on that treatment and I think I won’t be able to completely reverse the whole thing but at least I can try and manage it so that.

I don’t have to color my hair and yes it was expensive for me at that point but I don’t regret paying whatever I paid for so in this video I’ll be just sharing.

some of the tips that I’ve learned over the years and also some way that I prevent and manage my gray hair . If you like my post please share to your friends..

1.Know the cause

why you are having this premature gray hair there are a lot of things which can cause premature gray hair like bad diet lack of nutrients stress using a lot of hair colors and held the tree for me it was hairy to tree so if it’s stress you can do something to be stress if it’s lack of nutrients you can you know improve your diet so just know your cause first second tip is to eat right now doctor

2.Eat right

suggested me to eat a lot of things including dates and figs in the morning then I used to have paneer at least once in a week because I’m a vegetarian that is the best source of protein I used to also have chelates or not that is chickpeas at least once in a week and also I used to eat one tomato daily raw tomato just like that so that was my diet when I was actually undergoing the treatment third tip is to not pluck your white hair I know a lot of people say that this is friction it doesn’t really matter if you pluck it or not but I have noticed this myself and trust me when I say this to my mom once accidentally pulled out one gray hair from here within like 3-4 weeks I could actually see two new gray hairs on the same part.


3.Don’t Pluck white hair

I don’t pluck my gray hair that will be the last thing I’ll do. So don’t pluck your hair.

4.Drink water in copper vessel

Food tip is to drink a lot of water atleast 2 liters every day and also I used to drink in copper it’s a lack of copper also leads to premature gray hair it’s been more than five years. I’m having water and only copper vessel if you want you can even get like a copper bottles to water in that and just have that

5.Mild shampoo

water my fifth tip is to use a mild shampoo I used to use Richfield shampoo when I was undergoing the treatment but now I don’t anymore make sure you wash your hair at least twice a week doctor suggested me to wash thrice a week but I used to just you know wash it every four days and I still wash it every four days

6.Avoid hair gels

6 step is to avoid hair gels and hair cream it has a lot of chemicals and you don’t want to put that on your hair so.

7.Apply Oil once a week

Just avoid it completely my 7 tip is to oil your hair every week there are a lot of good oils available out in the market. Personally now coconut oil , good for premature gray hair so I used them my last and final tip is something that has majorly turned the whole

8.Use Vitamin L-tyrosin

Situation I use vitamins which are called Vitamin L-tyrosin from Richfield it’s available in Richmond and also on Amazon but I don’t trust the Amazon thing I get from Richfield directly since I was their client once upon a time and I don’t pay for their counseling or anything anymore now I have those vitamins every alternate day there’s no like a proper schedule that I follow. I still have like 10 strands of gray hair and it doesn’t bother me anymore because this is the way I am and I have accepted myself I don’t color my hair or I don’t apply henna on my hair anymore I still eat vitamins and honestly I don’t mind eating them for all my life instead of coloring my hair.

Every three months I prefer eating vitamins every alternate day right so if you are someone who just has like few gray strands here and there just follow a proper diet and see if you can see any change if not then go and see your doctor I know I’m not a doctor but this has worked for me so I thought I will just share some tips with you guys so if you are in the initial process you can actually reverse it so I hope you guys found this post helpful I’ll post more links in the description box below if you want any further information feel free to leave them in the comment section below and I try my best to answer your questions. If you are any queries please comment..I will try to solve your questions thank you.


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