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How to remove head lice | rid of lice tips




  Get rid of head lice. lices are very irritating for your child ? here is some tricks for removing head lice .

   Combing through your child’s hair is a good way to check for head lice so keep reading a step-by-step process to make it as easy as possible.

  Seek your child in a well-lit area or use a lamp or head torch ,  cover their hair and plenty of conditioner and comb through with the wide tooth comb to remove any knots. Section out the hair and clip it away. Start at the roots with the lice comb at a slight angle and draw through the hair making sure the comb teeth are touching the scalp. Pull the comb right to the ends of the hair. wipe any conditioner off the comb and onto the tissue and check if there are any lice or nits on it. 


   Lice will be brown and about the size of a sesame seed their eggs are white, yellow or brown and about one millimeter in diameter .Comb each section of the hair twice once along the top and then underneath it to ensure it’s fully combed.

   Pay extra attention to their areas behind the ears and at the nape of the neck as these tend to be telltale areas during an infestation.

   Once you’ve combed through the whole head rinse dry and style as normal.

   Make head lice checking a habit and comb through your child’s hair weekly if you’ve spotted lice and then once a month after that to reduce the risk of reinfection.


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