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How to get rid of Acne scars | tips


How to get rid of Acne scars

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We would like to describe a few important points about acne that we have learned over the years.

    First acne is so common that it considered a normal part of the teenage years. Infrequent tiny red bumps usually appear as one of the first signs of puberty. Patients often ask me what is the main cause of acne. In acne multiple factors work together first the sex hormone levels and adolescents fluctuate wildly. a birth control pill can help to even out these hormone levels in females.

   Second one skin cells are blocked pores normally shedding constantly and it isn’t noticeable.

   Third one is Bacteria irritate and infect the skin. Genetics also likely plays a role. In order to tell if acne is beginning on your skin or in a child the first sign to look for is a blackhead. A blackhead or comedone tells you that blocked pores are contributing to the problem.

   Children aren’t usually in the habit of washing their faces so the most important first soap and water twice daily. I try to convey to kids when the hormones hit you’ve got to commit .some people do develop more severe acne. severe types can include pustules also called whiteheads red bumps and large painful scarring cysts .

   Most people though develop only color changes in the skin that will always eventually clear without help. permanent scars only will result from depressions in the skin or bumps in the skin which can cast a shadow.

   The good news is that more treatments than ever before are available to remove scars but it’s still considered better to prevent them if possible.

   Makeup can affect acne. Heavy makeup scan blocked pores makeups that are mineral based and powdery er are considered

better for the skin and can even promote healing in some cases .

   Squeezing is generally not considered to be helpful because it can increase the size of a scar. There are some tools on the market such as a comedone extractor that can be used if it is very clean and used very gently to remove the contents of a small uncomplicated whitehead if needed. some other often ask about natural treatments dermatologists tend to be very cautious about natural treatments because some especially those from plants can cause people to become itchy and allergic .Use of blue light though which is in the visible spectrum has been approved by the FDA and is available as a small device that can be used at home without a prescription.

   In terms of simple treatments using soap and water to wash the affected area twice daily has good studies showing it’s effective. I always try to remember that all skin diseases are more serious than they appear because they affect how people view themselves and how they interact with other people.

   Most often treatment of the acne to make the appearance better is enough to help with sad emotions or depression,but as with any medical condition psychological treatment to help a person cope can do a world of good signs that a person needs more help would be someone who won’t leave home due to acne another sign, would be someone who is constantly thinking about their acne and criticizing themselves even if their acne is very mild or sometimes a person can pick at their acne lesions and can’t stop .leaving lots of scabs and they might need extra counseling or help. Thanks for reading this post . If you have any doubts or tips please leave a comment..


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